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Japanese cuisine is composed of a mesh between two worlds, a world of flavor and a world of design.  The concept behind “Akiko Sushi Bar” is the creation of a perfect blend between these worlds; a small and authentic Japanese bar, ensuring superb flavor along with elite design.


The pleasant surroundings and great food, combined with a take-away option are at the core values of Akiko Sushi Bar.


Akiko Sushi Bar is a Japanese bar with a Japanese touch, from the food to the atmosphere, and connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine are well aware of the impact that has on the flavor, aroma and atmosphere. 

Ramat Aviv, aba Ahime'ir 17

Akiko Ramat-Aviv

Akiko Sushi Bar was designed and planned from the very beginning as a boutique chain. The flagship branch is located in the SchusterCenter in Ramat-Aviv Gimel, designed by Michael Azulay, one of the leading restaurant and bar designers in Israel and abroad. 

The graphic design was performed by Keller Choresh, who also serves as the graphic designer of leading cell-phone company, Orange. Wood, rock and water are the core of this boutique bar’s design.

Akiko Sushi Bar can seat 15 indoors and another 40 in the SchusterCenter’s plaza.

Deliveries and reservations:
Ramat Aviv, Aba Ahime'ir 17

Akiko Sarona

In the summer of 2014, a new branch of Akiko Sushi Bar opened in the Sharona Center – Tel Aviv’s new entertainment complex, spread over 78 meters, with seating room for 80 patrons, inside and out.


Tables are available in a large plaza as well as on a balcony overlooking the Center. 

Deliveries and reservations:
David Elazar 6, Tel Aviv
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Grade: Good
Comfort: Comfortable
Service: Reasonable
Vibe: Romantic

Nice clean place

Lili shaltiel
Grade: Good
Comfort: Good
Service: Good
Vibe: Good

 The best sushi that i have ever eat.



Akiko Ramat-Aviv
Sun-Fri: 12:00-21:00
Saturday: Closed
Deliveries and reservations:
Aba Ahime’ir 17, Ramat Aviv
* Deliveries for neighborhoods of North Tel Aviv and Ramat Hasharon
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